MHP doing their bit to help fight Coronavirus

MHP Face Visors - PPE Safety Equipment

MHP face visor shields are produced from glass clear PETG and can be worn all day with out distortion to vision. These should not be confused with cheap alternative visors produced from PVC which distort vision and do not have the clarity required for constant use.


Over the last week we have been working around the clock designing and developing PPE face visors to help protect our key workers from COVID-19.

We’re now up to full speed in production and producing a face visor every 35 seconds. These have already been sold to Police forces and NHS trusts around the country, along with several independent care homes.  

We are currently taking orders for our Face Visor. Please give us a call to see if we can meet your requirements. 

Click Here to view the spec sheet of this face visor 

We have now achieved EN:166 Certified status with the MHP Pro Visor. Technical Report

Now see our Eco Shield available NOW! 


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