The Vacuum Forming Process – Design Guide

This is the process of moulding extruded plastic sheets heated to a pre-determined temperature.  The sheets are heated and then sucked down by applying a vacuum to the underside of the mould, atmospheric air pressure then forces the heated plastic to adopt the shape of the mould.

Vacuum Forming Design Guide
Vacuum Forming Sample 1
Vacuum Forming Sample 2
Vacuum Forming Sample 3
Vacuum Forming Sample 4
High Impact Polystyrene | MHP Industries

REACH, ROHS Dodd-Frank and WEEE Compliance Statement


Within the plastics industry, the onus falls on polymer manufacturers to register their product and provide clear information about any hazardous properties of a substance.  We buy all of our materials from within the EU and as such, they are REACH compliant as standard.  We have copies of the required Safety Data Sheet for all polymers we use and we are happy to supply those on request.

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Materials we use

MHP works with a wide range of Vacuum Forming and Thermoplastic moulding materials.
Find out more about our most popular materials below.

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