Vacuum Forming Machine replaced by MHP

Our New Vacuum Forming Machine

Out with the old, in with the new!

At MHP we have seen an increase in demand for vacuum formed products. To help with this increasing demand, we decided to purchase another Geiss vacuum forming machine. This machine is faster and more efficient than the old one it replaced and the touch screen interface means it is easy to program and use.

Geiss Machine for vacuum forming
Gulzareen using the touch screen interface

The new machine has allowed us to scale up our production for a number of customers, enableing us to meet, once unachievable deadlines. Mark Hipgrave – MD

This machine is the first of a number of new machines we are investing in over the next 12 months with plans to expand our capabilities in all aspects of the business from vacuum forming to tool making.

To see the full video of the new machine installation visit here

Timelapse video of the machine being installed

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