Protecting our Environment

Protecting our Environment from Ocean plastics

Protecting our Environment

At MHP, we are very aware of the need in protecting our environment, with single use plastic being a hot topic at the recent COP26.

For many years, MHP have been recycling our scrap plastic which has been sent to the plastic extruders and reformed into plastic sheets for us to turn into new products.

We recently decided to look into alternative recycled material and stumbled across Sea Plastics.

Sea Plastics solutions, supplied by epsotech, are a post-consumer recycled product range made by PLASTIX A/S – a Danish cleantech recycling company specialising in converting maritime fibres, such as fishnets and ropes into high-grade and virgin-like plastic raw materials.

PLASTIX A/S sources maritime fibres plastic waste from an increasing number of ports, net makers, and plastics collectors globally. After sorting and fractioning, shredding, washing and separating they compound and extrude it into new plastic raw materials.

If you have any vacuum forming requirements and are interested in using Recycled Plastic, do not hesitate to contact us or call on +44 (0) 1494 461 561

Protecting our environment from old fishing nets
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