MHP’s New Eco Shield for face protection for shoppers

Eco Shield Protection for low risk areas. Ideal for everyone to help increase your safety

Following the success of our PETG Face Visor we have now designed and started manufacturing our Eco Shield. This is a super low cost fully recyclable face shield that is perfect for shops to sell or provide to their customers. These will help protect the individual wearing it, as well as stop them spreading any virus they may have.

Made from the most widely recycled plastic PET. These can be used for short outings to the shops or dropping off goods to vulnerable people.

We are currently taking orders for our Face Visor and Eco Shields. Please give us a call to see if we can meet your requirements.

Click Here to view the spec sheet of our Eco Shield Face Visor 

Looking for a high quality version Click Here

Eco Shield Protective Face Shield - Corona Virus Protection
Eco Shield Protective Face Shield - Corona Virus Protection

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